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Let us CLEAN

your linen and

​make you HAPPY

Trust  Laundry Commercial Solutions to deliver the best in innovation, design, and application for all your commercial laundry equipment needs. Our team of laundry experts will travel to your site to understand your business operation and work with you to design a laundry system that meets your exact needs and supports you in a manner that exceeds your expectations.

Since 1981, Laundry Commercial Solutions team has been providing innovative and reliable laundry solutions and unsurpassed service to the following industries (Hotels, Resorts, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hairdressers, Gyms, Campsites, High schools, etc.) A new range of Turnkey professional laundry products specially designed for small establishments that require the same performance and robustness as industrial laundry machines, but with greater versatility, more compact size, and more affordable price. It is concentrated washing power from Girbau Industrial, Sports Laundry and LG/ECONO Systems a team of high-speed washers with high-performance dryers and ozone injection for unrivaled results. Unique in the athletic industry, Sports Laundry Systems deliver disinfection combined with performance, productivity, efficiency and quality results.

Welcome To a turn-key laundry. 

Let LCS partner with you to develop a comprehensive on-premise laundry (OPL) program. We feature advanced commercial laundry detergent and equipment that helps you manage the total cost of laundry - including water and energy consumption, while delivering fresh, soft results. 

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